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​Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service Areas near Salt Lake City

Kleanway Laundry has pickup laundry service near Salt Lake City. We are proud to now offer a laundry pickup service in the entire Salt Lake Valley servicing from Salt Lake City to Draper, from Holladay to Magna, and everything in between!

Our laundry delivery service near Salt Lake City can come to you Wednesday through Saturday with pickup and delivery times in the morning and evening to accommodate your schedule.

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We go to your home and pick up your bags of dirty laundry and return them clean and folded on our next delivery day.

We know how busy you are! We know that laundry is not your favorite activity, but we love doing laundry and can provide home pickup and delivery laundry service near Salt Lake City or anywhere else in the Salt Lake Valley.

When you decide to take the day "off" and spend some quality time with your friends and family, we will do laundry pickup and delivery near Salt Lake City.

Not only do we service our residential laundry service customers, but we perform commercial laundry near Salt Lake City and throughout the rest of the Salt Lake Valley. Our linen cleaning service near Salt Lake City will wash towels and sheets, tablecloths, and any other laundry that your business generates.

We are also a dry cleaners near Salt Lake City that pick up and deliver. Why make two trips or two calls? We can do your wash and your dry cleaning for you.

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Kleanway Laundry offers a variety of pickup and delivery services in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas. These pickup and delivery laundry services include dry cleaning and commercial laundry.