​Kleanway Laundry Reviews & Testimonials

Our customers' satisfaction is very important to us. Our goal is to give our customers a good experience and make it where they never have to go into a laundromat again. See what our customers are saying:

Laundry is not something I enjoy doing. I was so pleased to find a company that would do it for me. I just leave the laundry on my front porch and the next day it is returned looking great. All I have to do is to put it away. The laundry smells wonderful too.

I was a little nervous about letting someone else was my clothes, but they do an incredible job. I am not as precise as Kleanway Laundry is. They even fold my king-size fitted sheets perfectly.

I was a little apprehensive about sending out my laundry because I am not home when Kleanway Laundry picked up my laundry. I left a note on the software that I would put the bag of clothes on my back porch. They came, picked up my clothes and returned them to the same place the following day. I am never going back to a laundromat again. This was a great experience.

I LOVED the experience. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The clothes looked and smelled perfect.

I've never done laundry before and wasn't sure what to do until I realized there was a company that would do it for me. Great job! Great service!