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3 reasons Airbnb owners use a laundry pickup and delivery service.

May 22, 2023

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Airbnb has always made traveling super convenient and much more affordable compared to staying in hotels.
People love using airbnb because they get to choose a location with all the amenities of a home but also be away from home.

However behind the scenes airbnb hosts work tirelessly to make it so those traveling through have a comfortable clean and fun stay.

This is a laundry pickup and delivery site so we will speak on convenience/laundry.


Reason #1.
Laundry can be tedious and very long.

The average load will take around 2-3 hours not including travel time.

Washing will take 45-50 minutes per week for 1 load.
Drying will add an additional 45-50 minutes each week per load.
Not to mention the part most people like the least… folding.

Folding it is said takes 3-4 business days (haha) but realistically it takes most people around 40 minutes to fold a regular load of laundry.

Now lets consider how much it would be for an airbnb owner…
The owner would have to gather all of the bedding from the airbnb then toss it all into a bag and drive it over to nearest laundromat, the owner would then have to load the washers with all of the bedding and towels, etc..
This would cost the owner 30minutes to 1 hour depending on how much laundry they have and how close the nearest coin laundromat is to them.

After 2-3 hours of washing, drying and folding at the laundromat the owner would then drive it back to the home and set everything out beautifully.

Here at Kleanway Laundry, we know there is a better way..
How do we know?

We know because we work with local Salt Lake City airbnb owners and provide a seamless pickup and drop off laundry service where everything is done for them.

Owners love the convenience of not having to do any of the work, we will even pick up and deliver the airbnb bedding and towels to each of the homes where the guests stay.


Reason #2
Highest quality machines in Utah!

We use machines that use a special ULTRA VIOLET technology that wipes out any covid-19 particles among other harder to target virus’ and diseases. The airbnb laundry comes out hospital grade clean.

We are the only service in Utah that offers these kind of machines as part of our normal service.


Reason #3
Discounts for all tenants!
Another amazing benefit airbnb owners who use us get to take advantage of is our discounted laundry service we will offer your tenants. (Optional).
If your tenant needs laundry done while they stay in your home, we will offer a discounted service to them while you are hosting them at no additional cost to you.

Our goal is to make your business run more smoothly by working together and taking advantage of our laundry pickup and delivery service.
With prices that are affordable for everyone, you make sure that your cash flow is still flowing while also being more off hands with your Airbnb business.

Click on “schedule a service” today and start taking back your time in your business :)

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